Pink Cadillac Video!


We told you we were shooting this, and now it’s here! Listen to us play this classic #1 hit single while we completely destroy a pink Cadillac. We couldn’t have had more fun shooting this video, and we hope you have half as much watching it as we did making it.


You can also view this video and a bunch more in the video section of our site!

Introducing the Stumblebum Arcade!


We are pleased to announce today the latest new feature of the Stumblebums official website – the Stumblebum Arcade! To help you escape from reality and kill those boring afternoons in the office we bring you some of the coolest games from around the web. Keep checking back as more games will be added all the time. This is just one of the many cool features we’ve got in store to make sure that not only are the Stumblebums the best band around, but that our website keeps you fully entertained even when you aren’t getting drunk at a show with us.

Sorry for all you mobile lovers, but since these are Flash-based games, you won’t be able to play on your smartphone or tablet device unless you have  special Flash app installed.

Take a special moment to check out Happy Wheels, quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to the internet. If your boss can’t hear you, turn on the sound!

Stumblebum Video Shoot


We’re shooting a music video for our song “Pink Cadillac”! The shoot is tomorrow, May 20th, and takes place in Springfield, MA. This is going to be a whole bunch of fun. We’ve secured the use of a junkyard for the shoot, and even better the use of a Cadillac. We’re having it painted pink as we speak, and we are going to do some seriously bad things to that car. They’re even going to let us crush it! If you’re in the Springfield area and want to come down and help us destroy the car, get in touch. Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for the video – it’s going to be awesome!

Welcome To Our New Website


Hi everybody! Welcome to the new and improved Stumblebum Brass Band Official Website. We have a lot going on, and we’re happy to share it with all of you. Here you’ll find music, videos, pictures, inane rantings, information about the band, and much more!


You’ll also find the newest revolution in social media, Shitfacedbook. This is a social network for stumblebums, the place where you can post all the things you don’t want your weird aunt or that guy from high school that don’t really remember to see. If you have suffered the consequences of drunkenly posting on social media, you will understand why Shitfacedbook is the solution to your problems. Now you have a place to go where you can share anything you want without having to endure that awkard conversation when the inevitible holiday family gatherings roll around.


We hope you enjoy our new site! Please take a look around and tell us what you think – even if you think it sucks. We’ll be adding a lot more cool new features so you can waste even more of your time hanging out with us online.

We’re On Tour


We’re currently on the road! We are stumbling all over New York and Pennsylvania, causing trouble and making all kinds of noise. We’d love to have you join the party! Come on out and say hi, and get drunk with us. Visit our Tour Dates page for a list of everywhere we’re going to be.