Introducing the Stumblebum Arcade!


We are pleased to announce today the latest new feature of the Stumblebums official website – the Stumblebum Arcade! To help you escape from reality and kill those boring afternoons in the office we bring you some of the coolest games from around the web. Keep checking back as more games will be added all the time. This is just one of the many cool features we’ve got in store to make sure that not only are the Stumblebums the best band around, but that our website keeps you fully entertained even when you aren’t getting drunk at a show with us.

Sorry for all you mobile lovers, but since these are Flash-based games, you won’t be able to play on your smartphone or tablet device unless you have ┬áspecial Flash app installed.

Take a special moment to check out Happy Wheels, quite possibly the best thing to ever happen to the internet. If your boss can’t hear you, turn on the sound!

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